Led Bathroom Lighting Fixture

Posted on Exterior Design

Led bathroom lighting fixture – The bathroom area is a private area where comfort needs to be managed properly and appropriately. In addition to the arrangement of furniture, the arrangement of the bathroom lights. Also important because it can affect our mood while in the bathroom. For lighting in the bathroom, the recommended light is 3000k, the color looks warmer (warm) and 6500k which will give a more fresh impression on the room.

The lighting commonly used in the bathroom is general lighting. In general, lighting can use LED downlights that save energy and brighter light. Here are some tips from shop choosing led bathroom lighting fixture.

Use a downlight that has a special IP for the bathroom. And it is recommended to select LED downlights that use glass cover. Because the glass cover is able to protect the lamp from splashing water so there is no electrical surge. The led bathroom lighting fixture must match the size of the bathroom you have because that will affect how much light will be used and the light that will be produced from the lamp. Now specify the color of the lamp and the type of lamp that is suitable for your bathroom