Lighthouses Bathroom Accessories

Posted on Exterior Design

Lighthouses bathroom accessories – Narrow bathrooms do not fill with unnecessary decorations. One part of the house that is very important is the bathroom. Yes, the existence of the bathroom has its own role. Currently, for some minimalist houses or boarding houses. The bathrooms are usually made with a size that is narrow enough not less than 1.5 square meters, whereas the bathroom has a variety of equipment and is not very supportive of a narrow size.

A narrow bathroom will be narrower if you use wallpaper or paint with a lot of color mix. Try your narrow bathroom using only one color of paint and better choose colors that can reflect light well such as white and green and avoid using dark colors especially black. Using lighthouses bathroom accessories with lamp sizes that are large enough and do not dominate the room can be used, it will give a broad impression on the ceiling of your bathroom.

A narrow bathroom should not be filled with unnecessary decorations. The main thing that you need to take advantage of is unexpected places that can become a place of storage. For example, under a sink that is used to store toilet paper, tissues and various needs. Add lighthouses bathroom accessories for decoration