Luxury Bathroom Vanities Tops

Posted on Exterior Design

Luxury Bathroom Vanities – Making your own vanity top is a way to be creative in the bathroom. Choose tiles that are decorative, if you want to make vanity a stand-out feature in the bathroom. You can also convert an old antique style suits into a bathroom vanity by laying a tiled top.


Place auxiliary board over the top of Luxury Bathroom Vanities and trace around vanity to transfer the size. Determine the plumbing fixtures from the inside of the vanity on auxiliary board as well. Point along the traced lines with user knob then help assistant board along the scored line to resize. Use a hole saw bit attach the drill to cut out the holes for plumbing fixtures. Wear the twilight mask as you cut auxiliary board.

Spread waterproof membrane over the top of Luxury Bathroom Vanities, which also covers the plumbing holes. The diaphragm will stop mortar and grout from falling through the plumbing holes, and can be removed from the plumbing holes after the vanity top is ready. Place auxiliary board over the top of vanity, ensuring plumbing holes in auxiliary board is in place to match those in vanity. Screw the auxiliary board into vanity with galvanized screws, each 6 inches around the circumference.