Measure Closet Doors Sliding

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Closet doors sliding – If you are replacing or renovating the finish of your sliding wardrobe doors, it is imperative that you know how to take the right steps. Follow these steps for success every time. Sliding Measurements closet doors sliding, the first step is to measure the door horizontally. You will have to measure through the top and bottom of the door. Consider any variation since it may require some additional materials or perhaps a special end door. Write down the exact measurements.

Next for measure closet doors sliding, measure the door vertically. Measure both sides of the door or doors. Always use the smallest sizes for the doors to ensure proper fit. Then you will have to measure the width of the wall. Not all sliding doors are the same width so taking this measurement is key to an appropriate fit.

Finally for measure closet doors sliding, it is a good idea to measure the door frame. This is in case of having to the special order a door to make adjustments to the frame. In some cases, the doors may have been cut too much and you need to find doors to fit the frame instead of just measuring / replacing existing doors. Compare to your first series of measurements. If they match, that makes their measurements. If they do not match, measure again.