Modern Bathroom Mirrors by Rupert Bevan Ltd

Posted on Exterior Design

The modern bathroom mirrors with a wall-to-wall mirror over the bacha are the dream of many. Not only does it look good, it gives an incredible sense of spaciousness to that space. Ideally, place a few inches above the basins, to avoid dirt with splashes. It can be left with the free edges or place a molding or a nice frame. Everything goes for this resource that adds practicality and style. In Mavalsanca we want to show you some designs to inspire you.

Design Modern Bathroom Mirrors

The design of the image combines a wall to wall modern bathroom mirrors located on the countertop with cubic basins. The original detail is given by the work of painting on the mirror, which creates a kind of leaf-shaped frames. This bathroom has a rectangular bacha hanging. Above is placed + or a first aid kit with several glazed doors that run through the entire wall, at the bottom it has a continuous shelf illuminated.

This spectacular design by Rupert Bevan Ltd mirror panels lines the wall to the ceiling. The zone of the bachas has two large cloths, while the upper and lateral ones are rectangular fragments of different sizes. It is the complement of the chromed legs with the double sink of synthetic material. This designs modern bathroom mirrors includes a clear melamine pendant with two cubic line bachas. Above installed a succession of mirrored doors with spots of focused lighting.