Natural Dark Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas

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Dark hardwood floors decorating ideas add a luxurious look to a room, but can also make a room look gothic and make ornate options seem limited. Thankfully there are some crafty and creative interior ideas that can take the room from Gothic to Wonderful and can be customized to match your home’s overall theme.


The most popular way to complete a naturally dark hardwood floors decorating ideas is with white furniture. If you’re not a fan of decorating a room in white, keep in mind that there are unlimited shades of white and even more that complement colors. For those with a Victorian theme, complement white furniture with dark green plants and deep red and blue rolls. For a country theme, paint a single wall with cotton blue. If you prefer an Italian or Sonoran look in your home, then transform the room with warm colors. Cover the walls with Italian plaster painted warm yellow. Add warmth with white and tan carpets and dark brown furniture with white or gold pillows and pillows.

Floor Art

For a minimalist look with fewer carpets and furniture in the room, decorate the floor. Decide on a theme for the room like the Edwardian. Then find some stencils that match that theme and match your furniture, such as vines. Determine where you want the vines to appear on the dark hardwood floors decorating ideas, for example around the edges or in a circle in the middle of the room. Sketch them on the floor using color or gold foil. Add a layer of paint to seal the images when the paint dries.