Patio Fountain Ideas Accent Decorations

Posted on Exterior Design

Patio Fountain Ideas – It does not matter if your garden is small or large. A water source will invite you to enjoy it even more. Listening to the murmur of the water invites us to relax and have a fountain in the garden. Is the means to achieve that this space becomes an oasis of harmony in our own home. A lovely patio with a circular water fountain with a small jet of water. The stones of a boulder placed in a circular pattern give it all its traditional character.

Rectangular patio fountain ideas with a white concrete finish is in harmony with the stone walls. Creating a virtual separation on the minimalist rustic style terrace. A stainless steel pedestal is a support for the veil of water. That falls on a fountain in a modern style garden. A composition in a corner of the garden with a fountain with a horizontal veil of water that protrudes from the vegetation. The wood and concrete pots with shrubs create a cozy corner.

Linear water patio fountain ideas with aquatic plants, very natural aesthetics. From the wall two stainless steel pipes are responsible for carrying water to the pond. A garden with lush vegetation creates the perfect frame. With dramatic lighting for the stainless steel fountain that seems to emerge from the plants. In a house of contemporary style, the water fountain can be minimalist bordering like a mirror that frames the garden.