Professional Christmas Decorators Top List

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Professional Christmas Decorators – While working at a Macy’s nearly three decades ago during the christmas. He said the actress came in and said, “I would like to have people decorate my tree for me,” he recalled. “So I did it.” Kathy Hilton was also one of her first clients. And he gives her credit for helping him to enter the elite of Los Angeles. And then, he have design the interior of some of popular stars house‚Äôs. Including Kristie Alley, Kate Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Mark Wahlberg and others.

“I go and do everything while you sit and drink cappuccinos and say: ‘Is not it fabulous?'” professional christmas decorators services cost between $ 2,500 and $ 80,000 and begin with a 30-minute consultation to determine the style, budget, and schedule. “I offer what I call the Honda, Lexus or Rolls Royce packages”. The main selling hook is that the company also returns to remove the decorations. The company also works with clients who are not celebrities and companies to prepare their spaces for Christmas.

So, what does an $ 80,000 decoration project look like? It is usually a large house with enough space for two or three trees, a large staircase and several floors that need garlands, elaborate crowns, decorative tables and a lot of high design items. If your Christmas budget does not include some tickets for professional christmas decorators. The best advice of Pranga is that you stick to a palette of colors.