Rural Decorative Residential Mailboxes

Posted on Decoration Ideas

Rural decorative residential mailboxes usually sit on the side of the road and in recent years have almost taken on their own lives. From miniature houses to big yellow buses, today’s rural mailboxes run gamut from a little decorated to artistic masterpieces. The villagers wonder why people would consider putting so much thought in their mailboxes, but then life is far different in the city. The fast pace does not always allow for slowing down and smelling roses or admiring mailboxes.


Decorate rural decorative residential mailboxes for holidays or the changing seasons are especially popular. To swap them out easily using decorative sleeves. Or actually make original decorations to suit the theme. Some people take great pride in celebrating everything from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day through their rural mailboxes.


An easy way to have rural decorative residential mailboxes especially when you feel you’re missing a little in artistic talent is to buy a mailbox sleeve. Usually made of plastic, tie the sleeve over metal cans and look like you were blessed with an artist’s hand. These are popular alternatives. Because in addition to being quite cheap, they provide homeowners the opportunity to often change their mailbox decor.