Shabby Chic Bathroom Accessories

Posted on Exterior Design

Shabby chic bathroom accessories – Using a variety of traditional furniture, the design of Shabby Chic is able to present an attractive form even though it remains antique. This is what made the Shabby Chic style popular. When pulled backward, Shabby Chic began to appear since the 19th century in England with a combination of two words, namely shabby which means shabby, and chic which means beautiful. So, Shabby Chic is a design that carries vintage and classic concepts. Although messy, still beautiful in view (ancient but fashionable).

For bathrooms, the owner can combine classic style with a mixture of eclectic elements. Also, add wood shades and metal ornaments to enhance the look of your bathroom. As an illustration, Shabby Chic for bathrooms is usually made through a combination of colors and shabby chic bathroom accessories with modern furniture, or vice versa. If there is still no picture, here is an inspiration that can help you realize it.

Using a combination of white and pink, this design looks very romantic like a newlywed bathroom filled with roses. Pink satin with floral prints and additional pastel colors make this bathroom look neutral and feminine. The shabby chic bathroom accessories with wooden chairs and mirrors then complete the chic scheme. This design will be very suitable for young women or newly married people.