Simple Accordion Closet Doors

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Do you like the shape of accordion closet doors and just want to renew the color? It’s as simple as choosing the color and getting down to work. Clean the door well and assess if you have to caulk any damage. Remove the handles, protect the hinges with masking tape and start painting. Do not you dare to paint at the moment? If you are looking for a way to decorate a wardrobe doors more temporarily, try the washi tape .

There are adhesive tapes with many different designs, even metallic! Choose the one you like the most and decorate your wardrobe. While the first options were simpler, covering accordion closet doors with paper is somewhat more complicated, but not impossible! So that the corners are perfect, leave some excess paper and also line the sides (as if it were the cover of a book). The quality wallpapers are washable and will not give you maintenance problems.

If instead you choose to use maps or other paper, as in the second photo, keep in mind that you must cover it with a protective layer. In a children’s room, decorate the accordion closet doors with slate paint to provide your children with a blank canvas to paint every day. It is a good idea also for kitchen cupboards in the kitchens, or for any type of cupboard!