Simple Keys of Closet Storage Shelves

Posted on Closet Storage

If you no longer know where to store so many clothes and accessories, do not become overwhelmed. With some simple keys you can get “enlarge” your wardrobe and that fits all. The first thing you must do to gain space in the closet is to study the clothes and accessories you have and how much space you have. Adapts the height of the shelves to the different types of closet storage shelves so as not to waste space. One option, as in this case, is to install removable shelves.

So you can put the longest on one side and the shorter on the other. And take advantage of the space left over to put boxes, accessories, shoemakers … In case you have few shirts and jackets, you can take advantage of the space that is free in the hangers closet storage shelves where you can store folded or stacked clothes.

An infallible trick to provide more sense of spaciousness is to opt for wardrobe interiors in light tones, or paint or cover them with paintings and papers of this hue. The doors and sides of the wardrobe can also be used to arrange hangers and hooks for scarves, belts, necklaces … Do not forget the heights either. At the top leave clothes from another season, the bed or those closet storage shelves that you use less. And on the closet you can add a loft or arrange boxes to increase the storage capacity.