Small Project Brushed Nickel Bathroom Lighting

Posted on Exterior Design

This small project consists of more elements than brushed nickel bathroom lighting. But all the lighting has been designed to completely give it the limelight. The base is a small room with 2 different environments for the use that you want to give (living and dining area). And the main condition was to create a warm and welcoming.

The first option that our client shuffled for the bathroom area, was to install an adjustable brushed nickel bathroom lighting. While the one proposed by us was to install LED recessed spotlights on the ceiling. The idea was to create in that zone the greatest sensation of visual space possible. Thus the contrast with the other environment would be accentuated and the lamp would gain weight. The Arkoslight Gap bulbs with Benito Faure LED Hook bulbs were the chosen ones and the final appearance is that of the lower image.

In the dining area was where there were fewer doubts since our customers were in love with Schuller’s Argo’s lamp and the entire lighting project revolved around it. We emphasize the sideboard with 2 built-in spotlights making a “bathroom wall” effect and for the end. We leave the brushed nickel bathroom lighting.