Storage Closet Organization with Boxes

Posted on Closet Storage

The attics are one of the most interesting resources of any wardrobe. They are like a bonus track. An extra shelf with a lot of potential that, well polished, can become the pearl of the piece of furniture. The danger of attics is that, being so high, it is very easy to end up putting clothes and objects on top of each other in such a way. That later it is difficult for us to access them without messing up the entire shelf. The solution? Storage closet organization with boxes.

Box for storage closet organization is a great way to include several objects in one. And also to prevent them from occupying more space than they should in the attic. In addition, well chosen, the boxes will allow us to take advantage of the height of the loft. Something super important (and not so easy at times).

The half-height baskets inside the storage closet organization can be a key solution in youth and adult cabinets. These boxes and baskets located on intermediate shelves allow us to keep in order all those items of daily use that we need to have more at hand. In addition, they often serve to hide from view garments that would otherwise be disordered. For example, socks, underwear or sportswear.