Storage Closet with Doors Plan Ideas

Posted on Closet Storage

Storage closet with doors – Use chalkboard paint to turn your kitchen cupboard door from boring to functional. Chalkboard paint can be purchased at any home improvement store, and once painted on a surface, it allows you to write on it with chalk. To apply slate paint, tape the door and use a normal brush to paint it. The door can be used as an area of ​​the decision list, or a fun art stain for children.

Paint a unique design on your storage closet with doors using a template. Choose a template, and use a small foam brush to paint the template on the surface of the cabinet door. This is a quick and easy update that can create an instant change. The fun of the templates is that you can choose your own design and color paint, giving your cabinets a very individualized and personal look.

Pocket storage closet with doors function similarly to sliding doors in that they run on separate tracks. Instead of sliding aside, at the same time, pocket doors slide over the pockets on the walls on opposite sides of the cabinet. Because the wall must be cut for the pocket, the installation of these is a bit more complicated than other doors. They give the advantage of maximum access to the entire closet.