Tips to Installing Bathroom Vanities 30 Inches Wide

Posted on Exterior Design

Bathroom Vanities 30 Inches Wide is more than a locker and home to the sink; the right vanity can update or complete the bathroom design. If it is time to install a new bathroom vanity, make sure to get one that fits comfortably in the area dedicated to it, and that there is room for vanity top. A vanity top stretches about 1/2 inch from three sides of vanity, so be sure to leave space for this next to the walls before you get the vanity in place.


Measure area where Bathroom Vanities 30 Inches Wide will be installed. Use the drain pipe and water shut-off valves to penetrate the back of vanity. Locate these measurements on the back of vanity. Remove all perforated sections to allow these to touch. Use a jigsaw to cut through the back of vanity if no pricked areas exist to allow the pipes to access.

Test fit Bathroom Vanities 30 Inches Wide in the area where it will be installed. Lift the vanity top in place as well, and center it over the vanity. Adjust as necessary until fit is correct. The vanity top should extend 1/2 inch away by vanity on three sides. If vanity is abutting a wall, the counter will touch the wall and vanity will not come. Measure this gap and use jigsaw to cut a vanity filler, or thin slab of wood in the color of vanity, to fit this space. Remove the vanity top and set aside. Screw back the stools of vanity into the wall behind.