Top Knobs Decor Sophisticated Ideas

Posted on Decoration Ideas

The sophisticated, weathered look of top knobs decor adds a rustic, attractive charm to a home. Doorknobs with a rubbed bronze finish are designed to age naturally with time and repeated use, and the age look will become improved over the years. Aged bronze door knobs go well with a number of door colors and styles and can also be used to decorate in other ways. Install knobs of old brass doors on all interior doors in your home for a constant feeling throughout the living space.

Install old bronze door knobs on your front or back door for a weathered old world appearance. Use door handles designed specifically for outdoor use. Use a top knobs decor as a decorative paperweight in an office area. Place an antique old bronze door knob that is no longer functional on a shelf along with other period objects like a decorative display. You could also arrange these objects under a glass coffee table or line them up on a mantelpiece.

Place a top knobs decor on each end of a curtain rod. Pop the old man ends and snap the brass knobs into place. This could also work with towel bars. Arrange an antique brass door knob in a shadow box, along with an old key and hang the screen on the wall. This provides a way to show a door knob of special importance, such as one from an old house.