Very Cute Decorative Grates

Posted on Decoration Ideas

Decorative grates – I’ve always loved making collages. Since I remember, I loved to cut out magazines, collect phrases and make my own designs. It inspires me a lot to see my selection of beautiful things and that’s why I’ve always been a big fan of having a big cork on my desk. Now it is a tendency to replace the classic cork with thumbtacks by a construction grid or very cute decorative grates that mimic the work grid to place cutouts, notes, post its, etc. with metal or wooden clamps.

This tendency to decorative grates is almost always linked to the office, next to the desk. It is the best place to place inspirational images that we want to accompany us on a daily basis (after all we spent a lot of time working). In addition, it is ideal to aim all those errands that we have to do throughout the day.

Although it’s most popular location is the office, it is also great in other places where you want to add a different decorative touch. For example, the entrance hall or the corridor. The advantage of these decorative grates is that you can add more than cutouts and notes. It is a great support to order magazines differently or even organize the accessories in an open dressing room.