Wonderful Moen Bathroom Faucets Repair

Posted on Exterior Design

Moen bathroom faucets repair – Moen makes several types of double handle shower faucets. Each has a handle to adjust and control hot water and a handle to control cold water. In each handle is a small cartridge valve in a closed cylinder. This is the part to replace when a leak is formed or your tap does not produce the right temperature water.

Step 1 For moen bathroom faucets repair. Close the water valve to the faucet. There are two under the sink. Turn each clockwise until they stop closing it completely. Step 2, Take the plastic plug cover from the top of the Moen faucet handle and remove the grip screw underneath with Allen’s English lock, then slide the screw out of the handle. Pull the handle of the faucet to remove it from the cartridge. Step 3, Remove the cartridge nut with the pliers or hex wrench. This nut is just below the handle.

Moen bathroom faucets repair continued in Step 4, Remove the cartridge and replace it with another Moen bathroom cartridge, which is designed for the model faucet you have. Slide to the bottom of the faucet handle and replace and tighten the cartridge nut. Attach the handle and tighten the small screw above the handle. Step 5, Repeat the process on the other side of the tap to correct leakage or poor temperature performance, if necessary. Just do these steps on the problematic handle.