Wonderful Navy Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Navy blue bedroom decorating ideas – Make your bedroom your own private sanctuary by decorating it with a navy blue color scheme. Navy blue make a dynamic decorating, and can enhance your bedroom with a romantic, sophisticated, retro or soothing, spa-like feeling. If you are on a budget, work with your bedroom furniture and update them using new bedding, inexpensive decorating items and wall painting.

Choose a retro theme for your bedroom using the decoration of blue. Polka dots add attractive instantly to the vintage, so look for a brown quilt with light blue polka dots, or vice versa. Improve the look of hanging pictures and vintage posters on your walls for navy blue bedroom decorating ideas. Then hang classic movie posters, or show old family photos in an old brown wood frame.

Wonderful navy blue bedroom decorating ideas create a spa retreat, playing outside the natural elements of blue and brown colors. Paint the ceiling of the blue room to reflect the sky. And use a sponge and white paint to create clouds. You can also paint the walls a solid color of soothing light blue. Also buy wood furniture stonework-iron conditions with a natural look. Install the eco-friendly bamboo floor, and set up mini waterfalls to create a feeling of calm.