Louvered Closet Doors Recycle Old Blinds

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Louvered Closet Doors – Recycle your old blinds, or rescue some in a scrap yard to make doors in an open closet. Outdoor storage full of electronic equipment and clutter can be an ugly mess and ruin the relaxing environment you are trying to create in your home. Put your storage behind closed doors, and your room will instantly look cleaner and more orderly. There is no need to live with the monstrosity simply. Because they lack the knowledge of carpentry to make custom-designed doors.

Louvered blinds make an attractive solution, already prepared for the problem. Measure the container you want to cover and find blinds that fit the height and width. Narrow cabinets may need only one louvered closet doors, while larger cabinets may need two. Scrape the peeling paint with a spatula, taking care not to leave scars or pull out the blinds. Put each shot on a work sawing table, and remove the rabbits with a jigsaw.

Rabbits are the edges that extend slightly beyond the edge of the blind to help block light between the two blinds when closed. Cut the wooden strip off, or you can prevent your louvered closet doors from closing properly. Fill the old shrouds of the hinges with epoxy filler and a spatula. If they do not line up with the place where you want the new hinges. Let the epoxy dry.