How to Update a Large Bathroom Mirrors Ikea

Posted on Exterior Design

Bathroom Mirrors Ikea can add a sense of space to a bathroom and reflect light, further contributing to an airy feel. The mirror style, but can also make it feel dated. The framing mirror is one of the fastest, cheapest ways to update the mirror. You can customize the look depending on the type of frame and color or finish you choose.


Determine how the mirror is attached to the wall. If it is glued, leave it on the wall. If it is kept on with decorative Bathroom Mirrors Ikea. Select a material for framing. Window or door trims works well for this. For simplicity, choose the trim that has a small socket that will overlap the edge of the mirror. If you do not mind watching the edge of the mirror, you can choose a trim without a fake and just butt trim against the mirror.

Use a saw to cut the trim to the correct dimensions. You can make the corners, where trim on one side passes at the end of the trim on the other side, making a 90 degree angle. Finish the trim as you wish – with stain, paint or paint. Allow target cure for up to two weeks to ensure that it will not react with the mirror or epoxy. Set the frame pieces to the Bathroom Mirrors Ikea, making sure all pieces fit as you want them. Squeeze some epoxy on the edge of the trim that overlaps the mirror, making sure you do not use too much epoxy. Let the epoxy cure and rehang the mirror.