Harmony Decorator Showcase 2017

Posted on Decoration Ideas

The decorator showcase 2017 is the letter of presentation that we have before our clients. Never forget that he will say a lot about us, hence we cannot neglect the smallest detail. Here we advance some tips and features that every storefront must have. Study the necessary elements to assemble the showcase: space, lights, products, and angles of vision, colors … Combine them in a way that creates harmony. Contrast is essential in any composition; it can be generate from sizes, colors, shapes and lights.

Lighting is essential, place direct lights on those objects that you want to highlight, make them look, that awaken interest. Decorator showcase 2017 must generate desire, show the best level products.  The shop window is the first image of the store, the first stimulus that the potential client receives. Those adjectives suggested by the showcase will be the sensations that the observer has about the store.

The decorator showcase 2017 can simply show or narrate. It is an extra job to recreate a scene that transports us to a story. The observer can be involved in this image, thirsty! Take advantage of special dates to create thematic decorations: Christmas, Carnival, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day … make sure that the products you put in the shop window are inside. Who in between will want to see them.