Backyard Patio Cover Roof Types

Posted on Exterior Design

Backyard Patio Cover – This can be achieving basically with a structure consisting of columns that have a cover, which can be forming from a variety of different materials, or a simple awning. These protections provide shade and let in natural light, creating a unique environment in the garden, natural and fresh. The cover can be make of wood, canvas, beams, and iron or even simply compose of climbing plants.

The structure that backyard patio cover can be completely open, serving more as an element that defines a particular area within the exterior areas of the house. In this case, the rotisserie area is define in a simple way that allows you to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. If you decide on a wooden structure with small reeds as cover. This will give a very beach environment to your garden or patio. This, together with small blue ceramic tiles covering the grill, will make you feel very close to the sea.

This is an excellent way to roof the patio, creating an outdoor space totally protected from the rain. But with a unique transparency, thanks to the glass cover that encloses this exterior area. The light metal structure is responsible for supporting the glass. Do not forget the natural materials that we often have at hand. A bamboo backyard patio cover can be ideal to protect yourself slightly from the sun.